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Each specialty coffee is characterised by having its own unique identity. its cultivation process is unique and grants them their own marked personality.

What exactly is a Specialty Coffee?

Specialty Coffee is an Arabica Variety which scores 80 points or above on a 100-point scale according to SPA punctuation.

Specialty coffees are grown in special and ideal climates, and are distinctive because of their full cup taste and little to no defects.

How is Specialty Coffee produced?

Every single step of the production line must be taken care of, up to the most single detail, in order to reach the quality of a Specialty Coffee.
Every stage and every step counts, from the selection of the seeds, the soil and the ways to; cultivate it, collect it and store it.
Every detail counts!!!

Specialty Coffee vs Third Wave Coffee

Specialty Coffee is usually related to “Third Wave Coffee” but this association is not fully correct due to the significant differences.

Specialty Coffees concerns the coffee bean quality while the Third Wave Coffee references the movement around the coffee and skills to get the best coffee drink possible. So, Specialty Coffee is related to the process to obtain the best quality bean and the Third Wave Coffee is related to what comes afterwards.

Relationship between Specialty and Third Wave

It´s true that there´s a relationship between Specialty Coffee and Third Wave Coffee, excellence is reached in an environment where this quality is demanded.

Those distinctive flavors and unique presentations in a cup of coffee achieve the consumer connection in a very special way.

What was the First and Second Wave Coffee?

Yes, we´ve enjoyed the First, the Second and even the Third wave, in fact, the Fourth Wave is coming, but What are these Waves?

First Wave came when coffee consumption increased for the first time in history. The Second Wave was brought by the improvement of the quality, when coffee was taken into consideration and think of it as a luxury product.

The Third Wave Coffee is here, but what about the Fourth Wave?

The key that has determined the arrival of the Third Wave has been the starting to value the quality of the product where accounts lighter roasting profiles and innovative preparation methods.

A potential Fourth Wave is arriving bringing more scientific methods in terms of the plant, soil and preparation.

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