Las Nubes Plantation

A treasure in "The Pearl of the North"

The origin of our coffees and the care our crops receive in all stages of the coffee production process are the cornerstone of our success. It is for this reason that, ever since we embarked on our adventure in the world of coffee, we have relied on Don Victor Robelo and Las Nubes plantation to offer our clients the best 100% arabica coffee.

Las Nubes Plantation is situated in the Nicaraguan region of Matagalpa, about 120 km away from the capital city of Managua. Also known as the "Pearl of the North", due to its natural features and its varied farming and commercial activities, Matagalpa is located in an irregular area with an altitude of 700 meters and a tropical climate which makes it ideal for cultivation of coffee.
It stretches over an area of more than 320 hectares, which is located on altitudes that go from 720 to 1.230 meters approximately, where different varieties of coffee are cultivated, among which Bourbon, Caturra, or red or yellow Catuaí. There are also plantations of Pacamara and Catimor, although to a lesser extent. The usual temperature on the Plantation is between 17 and 23ºC, the relative humidity is usually maintained under 85% and the rainfall is distributed evenly throughout the harvest season, never exceeding 3.000 mm. Furthermore, Las Nubes Plantation is a naturally well-protected terrain against wind.

All these geographical and atmospheric conditions have a direct impact on the cultivation of coffee and its subsequent quality. This is why maintaining these standards allows us to produce coffees with unique aromas and flavours, also owing to the features and the composition of the soils on which they are produced.
Ever since we embarked on our adventure, all coffee plantations on "Las Nubes" estate have been dedicated exclusively to the cultivation and production of Qualery Coffee, which has allowed us to launch real technological centres, with a view to bringing to your cups the best products of our land - coffees which are a symbol of passion, hard work, unconditional love for nature and everything it gives us. They are the result of a successful teamwork, patience, dedication and determination.

And, above all, coffees which are imbued with the flavour and aroma of their place of origin

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